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Public Health Education


Public Health education is a promotion of health knowledge and the main objective of health education is to change human behavior to prevent disease and to maintain education is an essential tool of community health.

“Health education is designed for public and individual to gain the attitude, knowledge, skill, to maintain, promote and improve one person or other person health”.

The people need to be educated about health, self-care, immunization, nutrition and various subjects about health. The Nurse’s & doctors play a very important role in providing motivational education information regarding health education to the people who come in to contact with them.

“Health education is a process of people and in the knowledge and attitude related to such change.”




1. To provide information about health hygiene and nutrition guidance.

2. To improve the general conditions of living a life in the communities.

3. To instruct all people like children, youth and old people to conserve and maintain hygienic free their own

4.To develops health attitude & behavior.

5. To develop and improve the mental and emotional health.


Health education based on certain principles of  Psychology and education.
The basic principles of health education are

  • Psychological
  • Physical
  • Social


Health is not limited to biological integrity and phycological functioning of human body. Phycological health is also important that health because our body can’t do anything perfectly with any disturbance and phycological freeing is very important.


Physical health is one of the most important things to define the health.they show the ability disability performance of routine work and present and absence of disease on the human body. physical fitness is back Bone of principle of health education.
Some examples below given which help to understand to someone is physical unhealthy

1. A person who has a suffering from fever or any disease so who have unable to do own  work


The social component of health is considered to an ability to make and maintain acceptable and proper communication with other people within the social environment.

Another principle of health education


Motivation is a very important part of health education because they give the power to maintain adjust and care for the own health. And they give an understanding power of health education. the motive means the hunger emotional loving punishment recognizance etc this all activity present on our body and our doctor’s nurses motivate and educated to control manage this all activity.

The health education depends on communications.

It is like a phycological activity means interest factor is a matter to health education they give a physiological support.

If we are participating in any communication in any group discussion we are increasing our learning power education power and that is a phycological means participation is a very important factor to health.



1. Awareness – First stage of health education is awareness. the most needed requirements of health is an awareness. Nurse’s give an awareness about health how to care how to maintain and how to manage your health and this awareness is solve the problem of any patient.

2.Motivation -The Nurse’s and doctors always motivate the patient and this is a very important factor because if a doctor’s and Nurse’s not motivating any patient so the person emotionally feels a weak and the person is gos on any disease.
So motivation is the very important stage of health education.


The health education practice is very important for any Nurse’s and doctors it’s the various type to do practice some examples given in to below

1. Individually educate the patient – In this case, doctor& Nurse’s provide a health education personally.

2.educated in the group – In this case, doctor’s & Nurse’s provide a health education in a group
Example – schools, office, workers, friend’s circular,

3. Educate in publicly – In this case, doctor’s & Nurse’s provide a health education in a publicly
Example- through group teaching, through the short movie, through a flash card, through small role play, through flex banner, through health magazine, through radio, through the newspaper.


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