How to connect youtube channel on facebook

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How to connect youtube channel on facebook??

If you want to increase your traffic on youtube channel so you mostly required to connect your youtube channel on Facebook.this method is very fastly to increase your traffic and very easy for your audience to watch your video on Facebook. if you share your youtube video on facebook and your audience want to watch your video on facebook not a go through youtube at that time to help this method then your audience will happy and you also happy.

1.First of Log into your Facebook account.
2. Enter Youtube Tab at search bar and click on search option. note that only click on youtube tab click on other option.

Facebook tab

3. After searching you see Youtube tab App on your account.T hen Click on the USE APP.If you want to like and follow of the youtube tab so you can do.


4. After clicking Use app You See other popups (Add page tab). It’s a connecting page. Then  Click on the Facebook page option and select your page which one you want to connect on the youtube channel. After selecting your page its automatically connect your channel.


5. Then now Click on the add page tab. After adding the page the youtube option show on your facebook page. It means youtube channel option connected on your page now do the next step.

Add Page 2

6. Click on the youtube menu next step is to fill up your youtube channel detail for identify your channel on Facebook and connecting to the facebook page. 

YouTube ad

7. Fill your youtube Application setting option.

application id

8. How to know youtube id??

  • Log in youtube 
  • Open your channel than see on search bar some content are available at search bar it’s your link address.
  • Edit your link address like that example-( ) copy only red color content it’s my youtube id, not you’re you copy only your youtube id.

9. Save settings.

save settings

10.  Completed this producer now connected your youtube channel on a Facebook page.


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